In brief

In brief

  • Federal Vision 2030 explores the trends that are shaping the future of government, now.
  • We invited strategists, designers, technologists, researchers & executives to point to where trends are heading and how they will impact government.
  • Discover the four trends that will shape your agency’s future and learn what you should do now to prepare your agency.
  • Follow the conversation at #FedVision.

Your future is dynamic

Today, a handful of commercial vanguards are disrupting traditional operating models, setting new standards for simplicity, speed, and value, and raising the bar for the experiences citizens and employees have come to expect.

The government agencies that have embraced change are seeing the benefit of disruptive models to deliver their missions and better outcomes in new ways—from predicting pandemic outbreaks before they happen to 3-D printing parts of military flight-critical components—and are creating more value for citizens and empowering employees with exciting new ways to serve.

How do agencies go beyond discrete pockets of success to make change happen faster across their enterprise?

Be a futurist

Understand the wider forces at work, and consider how they will impact your agency, customers, and workforce.

Be a catalyst

Create the conditions that accelerate change and create opportunities to do things differently.

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Everything imaginable

How can agencies exceed expectations and run their organizations more efficiently and effectively in the future? Explore four trends that will shape your agency's future, how they will impact government, and what you can do to be prepared.

Elaine Beeman

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Civilian Lead

Biniam Gebre

Management Consulting Business Lead


Essential insights – AI unleashed
Federal workforce in the age of AI

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Short on Time?

Federal Vision 2030 SlideShare

10 minute read

Overview of the four trends shaping our next generation government, and a leader’s framework for the future.

5 minute read

Federal Vision 2030 Infographic

High level introduction to the four trends shaping the next generation of government.


The Big Read

20 minute read

Federal Vision 2030

Introduction to #FedVision 2030, the four trends shaping our future, their impact on Federal agencies, and a leader’s framework for the future.

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