Industry X.0 Is Now

Industry X.0 is a new way for manufacturing to operate. At its heart are highly intelligent, interconnected products and ecosystems that create a fully digital value chain, supplemented by new core innovation competences and deep cultural change.

As individual consumers, we are already accustomed to a highly digitized lifestyle—and Industrial businesses and their increasingly digitally native workforces now demand the same levels of connectivity. This new form of Industrial Consumerism is disrupting decades-old business habits, conventions and operating models.

For the industrial enterprises it is not only important to address the “why” of the industrial sphere’s wholesale digitization, but also, and primarily, the “how.” Each enterprise will define its own journey.

How can your company realize value in the current digital age?


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The Connected Industrial Workforce

The shop floors and boardrooms of the future will host a blended workforce. Humans and intelligent machines, jointly delivering outcome-based value that neither could produce alone. The result will be different, more skilled jobs.

Start upskilling your existing workforce and recruiting new skills. Explore such digital workforce models as crowd sourcing. And focus on your line managers, as they will be key to developing the change agents of the future

Don’t wait—manage this revolutionary change proactively.


Digital Product Development

Data-driven “living" products are the core of Industry X.0.

These products are equipped with sensors, controlled by software and connected to the Internet. They collect all kinds of valuable data, analyze it, and share the results with other connected products and devices.

Companies need to adopt digitally empowered R&D processes and thus a new, digitized Product Lifecycle Management approach. In fact, a strong, digital PLM strategy must be the starting point for product development in the emerging era of data-driven living products that allow for responsive and hyper-personalized user experiences. That means digitizing PLM, end to end, right across the enterprise.

Is Digital in your DNA?


Data Is Everywhere

The amount of data globally is doubling every two years. Data analytics can help industrial companies derive smart and actionable insights from this wealth of unfiltered information.

Enriching the huge amounts of unleveraged legacy data will drive significant value in five main areas:

1. Customer experience

2. Product performance

3. Workforce efficiency

4. Operational efficiency

5. Portfolio optimization of new products and services

Shape your data analytics strategy now!


Platforms And Ecosystems

In a data-driven industrial world every industrial business needs to be part of an ecosystem, and some require platforms too. In fact the combination of an ecosystem and a platform can turn a business into an engine of innovation and growth.

Two-thirds of recent outperformers say they encourage employees to proactively build relationships with external stakeholders. And most manufacturing enterprises are starting to use both ecosystems and platforms as growth engines. As this disruptive change accelerates it will redefine the rules of competitiveness.

Anticipate and lead from the front.



Industry X.0 Snapshot

View our presentation for a quick snapshot of the book. It also outlines the impact of the Internet of Things on Industrial sectors and the steps organizations should take to stay relevant in the new digital age.

Meet The Author

Eric Schaeffer

Eric Schaeffer is a senior managing director at Accenture. He is leading our Digital Industry X.0 program with the objective of supporting industrial companies in harnessing digital opportunities. Schaeffer also leads one of Accenture’s global business services—Accenture Product Lifecycle Services—which provides end-to-end services to unlock value and efficiencies from product data across the entire value chain. Schaeffer’s primary industry background is automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers, his secondary industry focus is freight and logistics and transportation and travel. His project track record covers business transformation programs encompassing complex business and technology changes and he has led such programs for large and multinational companies.


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