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Our thanks to security researchers helping keep Accenture’s environment safe

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The following list represents individuals or companies who have responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities to us from April – August 2019.

  • Anurag Jain (@csanuragjain)
  • Vignesh C (@pwn_r00t)
  • Akshaey Bhosale (@Akshaey1)
  • Pranshu Tiwari
  • Guhan Raja (@havoccgwen)
  • Raju Kumar (@Mrcyberwarrior) (
  • Umesh P Jore (@unmeshjore)
  • Ayon Hasan (@Lollipop1337)
  • Yash Chaube
  • Pentest Web (@nomorefreebugs)
  • Victor Petrescu (@VictorCuralea)
  • Vasantha Kumar (@vasanth1703)
  • Martin (@martinbydefault)
  • Sayli Ambure (@sayli_ambure)
  • Rohan S. Chavan (@rohanchavan1918) (
  • Jeffrey Drost (@RIIS LLC)
  • Kamil Vavra (@vavkamil) (
  • Danang Tri Atmaja (@danangtriatmi)
  • Sachin Wagh (@tiger_tigerboy) (
  • Florian Junge (@shantycode)
  • Mehdi Elyassa (@kalimer0x00)
  • Adesh Nandkishor Kolte (
  • Corben Leo (@hacker_)