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Our executive leadership team averages 25 years of experience with Accenture.



Pierre Nanterme
Pierre Nanterme Chairman & CEO Director since 2010 Chairman since 2013  VIEW PROFILE
Marjorie Magner
Marjorie Magner Lead Director Director since 2006  VIEW PROFILE
Jaime Ardila
Jaime Ardila Director since 2013  VIEW PROFILE
Charles Giancarlo
Charles Giancarlo Director since 2008  VIEW PROFILE
Herbert Hainer
Herbert Hainer Director since 2016  VIEW PROFILE
William L. Kimsey
William L. Kimsey Director since 2003  VIEW PROFILE
Nancy McKinstry
Nancy McKinstry Director since 2016  VIEW PROFILE
Gilles C. Pélisson
Gilles C. Pélisson Director since 2012  VIEW PROFILE
Paula A. Price
Paula A. Price Director since 2014  VIEW PROFILE
Arun Sarin
Arun Sarin Director since 2015  VIEW PROFILE
Frank K. Tang
Frank K. Tang Director since 2014  VIEW PROFILE
Frank K. Tang
Frank K. Tang Director since 2014  VIEW PROFILE
Tracey T. Travis
Tracey T. Travis Director since 2017  VIEW PROFILE
The board of directors has four committees: the Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Finance Committee and Nominating & Governance Committee.

Corporate Governance