In June we ran a survey of IT decisionmakers in the U.S. and Europe to gauge the overall state of IT amidst the pandemic. One number in particular jumped out at us: 80% of respondents wished they were further ahead in their Cloud First journey. It’s clear that enterprises across industries understand the importance of migrating to the cloud, especially in light of today’s challenges.

So, what’s stopping them? A number of challenges, from legacy systems to security concerns to just not knowing where to start, are getting in the way of businesses realizing their cloud aspirations. But many can be overcome with a trusted, experienced partner.

We think our companies—Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft—are ideal partners for migrating your workloads and data to the Azure cloud. Why? Because we know our combination of Accenture’s experience, Avanade’s expertise, and Microsoft’s innovation in Azure can give clients the confidence they need to make the move to the cloud—and the tools they need to start unlocking value fast. Here’s how.

Unmatched experience

Where does the strength of our partnership begin? Let’s start with three words: we know Azure.

Through more than 20 years of partnership, Accenture and Microsoft have solidified their relationship through Avanade, a unique joint venture that improves service delivery for clients moving to Azure. In addition, Accenture has the most Azure-certified professionals of any Microsoft Partner, and is a 15-time Global Systems Integration Partner of the Year. Plus, who knows Azure better than Microsoft itself?

Driving innovation together

And since we know Azure, we know how to innovate in Azure. That means tools that can accelerate migration at scale, such as myNav and myWizard (which integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s Movere).

It also means that once you get to the cloud, we can help you start to unlock more value from it. That includes cost savings: we’ve seen clients lower their total cost of ownership up to 50%, and up to 15% for SAP-specific workloads.

Those savings give clients the opportunity to invest more in innovation, and innovating in the cloud is where we see the most exciting business value. Since our three organizations work together to further innovation in Azure, you can be confident that the cloud services you enable have the potential to transform not just your business, but your industry—like with high-performance computing for genome sequencing.

A partnership built on trust

We know the cloud is a major undertaking, and a serious investment for businesses. Companies not only need to migrate fast, but need to do it right, and to the right cloud. Given the urgency around cloud migration today, it’s more important than ever to have a partner you can trust to understand your challenges and how best your business can undertake the most cost-effective, secure and sustainable migration possible.

We truly believe that’s what you get when you migrate to Azure through our partnership. And we think that once you’re further ahead on your Cloud First journey, you’ll not only feel confident in where you are—you’ll be excited to see where you can go.

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Emma McGuigan

Global Lead – Intelligent Platform Services

Deb Cupp

CVP Enterprise & Commercial Industries, Microsoft

Pamela Maynard

Chief Executive Officer at Avanade

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