Lisa Bertolini
Lisa Bertolini
November 27, 2017

Driving Success at Work for Persons with Disabilities


Be honest with who you are, and ask for what you need.

That’s the advice I would give to another employee with disabilities. Every opportunity is at their disposal if they reach for it.

It’s been a long road for me, and some things don’t always come easy. But they do come—with patience and time.

When I was about six months old, my family noticed that I had not progressed with walking and crawling like other children. I was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. I never walked. I’ve used a wheelchair my entire life.

When I was younger, I could type 30 words per minute. I could hold a handset to my ear, and I could feed myself. Those abilities have gradually disappeared, as I’ve lost a lot of arm strength.

I was very fortunate that I was raised with a good family. I’m the youngest of five. My parents were very supportive of me going to school, and they sacrificed a lot. My mother drove me to college, allowing me to get my bachelor’s degree.

When I joined Accenture, they were looking for people with communications skills to talk to end users, describing their technical issues. While it doesn’t appear like there’s much I can do, technology makes it all possible. It took six months to really prove myself.

I am celebrating 18 years with Accenture. My team helps improve Accenture’s internal websites, so people with disabilities can, for example, complete a time report, or new employees can find career information.

If technology hadn’t advanced like it has, and if Accenture wasn’t the company that it is, things could be very different for me.

I am excited about our project because it is creating a better work environment for our people with disabilities—we’re helping them be independent. I hope that I’ve helped bridge the gap to make things easier for other people today. I like to think that I’m leaving a good legacy to the disability community.

See how I am forging new paths for others with disabilities.

Learn more about inclusion of persons with disabilities at Accenture.

Find your next career opportunity with Accenture today, and make a difference while being your true, authentic self.

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