Webinar recording: Meet healthcare leaders in the metaverse

Explore a new continuum of technology and experience

Knowing what to expect from technology in the next several years is critical for healthcare leaders to understand as they build their digital strategies, invest in new technologies and skill teams for the future.

This AHA webinar dives into four technology trends that are reshaping healthcare as we know it. This year’s Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision report, “Meet Me in the Metaverse,” illustrates the sweeping changes that will occur in healthcare as we become immersed in digital content, programming the world around us, using synthetic data and computing the impossible. Kaveh Safavi, MD, JD, senior managing director, Accenture Global Health, and Brian Kalis, managing director, Accenture Strategy, Health, lead an engaging discussion with Kristin Myers, EVP, CIO, and dean for digital and information technology, Mount Sinai.

Hear about new research findings, learn about leading-edge technology trends and find out about the strategies to pursue to be better positioned for the fast-changing future of healthcare.

Strategic planning imperatives for hospitals and health systems

Strategy and transformation are integral to today’s most successful health care planning agendas and associated initiatives. Rather than taking a more traditional linear approach to strategic planning, hospitals and health systems that successfully plan focus on creating an integrated “Connected” plan leading to more actionable and sustainable outcomes.

In this podcast, Yianni Douros, Accenture Health Managing Director, discusses the various approaches hospitals and health systems can take when establishing their strategic plans.

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Accenture is proud to participate in the AHA Associate program to connect with AHA members about the innovative and leading-edge trends that are impacting the industry today. We are excited to exchange ideas and explore new solutions during this time of transformational change.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) Associate Program connects the business community with AHA members, encouraging the exchange of ideas and exploration of new solutions. AHA Associates have a shared commitment to the AHA's mission of advancing care in America.

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Creating an Intelligent Patient Journey through Automation and AI Enablement

Geisinger Hospital was faced with the challenge of decreasing total cost of patient care while enhancing the patient journey, all with a robust digital infrastructure. Using automation, the hospital developed four ways to get results to ensure optimal communication time to patients. The 6 stages of operations they followed are discussed in this webinar.

Learn the necessary pre-requisites for development of automation in a provider organization. Also discover the power of automation and the future enablement of AI in the patient journey experience, while focusing on improving employee productivity and allowing more time for patient interactions.

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