Reinventing travel with technology

Embark on an incremental transformation journey with Technology Transformation: Agility, innovation, and resilience at heart—underpinned by cloud.

Your first step on the journey to Technology Transformation

It starts with assessing future readiness: Create value by moving five levers of change, including strategy, cloud, sustainability, organization, and talent, in an agile way.

Shorten the timeline from concept to launch

Accelerate innovation, from idea to execution, to bring travelers the products and experiences they want, faster than ever.

Break down siloes across your organization

Free your organization from legacy technologies and processes that get in the way of real-time collaboration and long-term growth.

Collaborate closer with ecosystem partners

The cloud and Technology Transformation can help you connect with airports, customs, online travel agencies and all your partners—seamlessly, in real time.

Transform your organizational culture

Build a future-focused, customer-centric organization that not only empowers employees with innovation—it becomes more attractive to new talent.

Redirect your budget to fuel business growth

Cloud-based tools and processes cut costs on IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus spending on innovation that drives recovery and business growth.

Deliver on your commitment to sustainability

By migrating with a partner committed to sustainability, you can reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency by migrating to the cloud.

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Technology Transformation: A platform for business growth

Technology Transformation is the foundation for sustainable innovation in the new era of travel. It is pivotal to help your organization outmaneuver uncertainty and incrementally evolve capabilities and skills in a world of constant change.

Traveler Experience

Rebuild trust with your customers and jumpstart demand for travel by ensuring safe, seamless and innovative traveler experiences.

Intelligent Operations

Better equip your people for the future of travel with more flexible and efficient back-office operations.

Technology Transformation

Create value by moving five levers of change, including strategy, cloud, sustainability, organization, and talent, in an agile way.

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Opening the world to 5G travel opportunities

5G is about so much more than speed – it’s about innovating and building experiences like never before. It is opening the door to a world of new opportunities for travel companies.

Enabling fast, intelligent connectivity, 5G is transforming many industries including travel. Airlines, airports, hospitality companies and travelers can reap many benefits from this cutting-edge technology that enables new capabilities and services.

Smart operations are bringing opportunities to boost efficiencies, customer experiences, sustainability, safety and revenues. Travel companies that prepare for and implement 5G will gain a competitive edge and meet their strategic goals.

When the best of technologies and people meet, a world of new opportunities opens up. Are you ready for a more connected and sustainable future?


Embark: Travel, Tech and Trust podcast series

Travel experts break down cloud beyond the technology: How to reinvigorate traveler confidence, build resilience and drive innovation in a post-pandemic world.

Tune in to listen to industry leaders and their stories from Accenture, Marriott International, Melbourne Airport, Radisson, Southwest Business, Tripadvisor, WestJet, and WTTC.

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The right cloud mindset in travel

All travel companies want to recover the bottom line and improve revenues. But only leaders with the right mindset can meet new customer expectations while remaining competitive.

How do we know what’s right? We analyzed successful cloud scalers in other sectors and applied the winning strategies to the travel industry. We also spoke with over 300 hospitality and airline senior executives from different departments to understand what's top of mind for them.

The key lesson is to think before you act: Leaders build a solid foundation for change, using cloud to drive recovery and future growth. They create a culture that supports innovation and empowers employees so they can create memorable experiences. At the same time, they address data security and privacy concerns.

We’ve identified three essential ways to shift from an old mindset to a new one. It begins with closing the disconnect between business and IT. We’ve also designed a roadmap for using cloud to develop new revenue streams.

Success depends on how you think about it. Read our report “The Right Cloud Mindset in Travel.”

Our unmatched commitment to cloud travel technology services

We offer a full spectrum of cloud services—and with our Cloud First initiative, we are doubling down on our commitment to helping travel companies with moving their businesses to the cloud.


We have over 100,000 dedicated cloud professionals who hold more than 68,000 certifications, ensuring your company takes the right approach the first time to enter the new era of travel.


As the #1 co-innovator with SAP and Oracle (and a leading partner for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud), we can fast-track the deployment of your cloud solutions to accelerate your recovery.


Our Cloud First initiative will invest $3 billion into our capabilities to accelerate clients’ digital transformations in the cloud and transform travel companies into Cloud First businesses.

Case studies: Travel technology solutions

Leading travel companies are already underway in their Technology Transformation journey. Their stories show how you can drive growth and reinvent your business in the cloud.

A North American Airline takes their call center to the cloud.

Find out how Carnival is connecting high-touch technology and the human touch to create hyper-relevant experiences for thousands of guests at a time.

Digitally enabled operations are helping Radisson to lower costs and improve services for franchisees and owners. Read our case study to discover how.

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Insights on travel’s Technology Transformation journey

Our experts share insights on how to build seamless, touchless, and effortless travel experiences in the cloud—while reducing costs and increasing your flexibility, speed, and innovation.

Explore the changing realities of travel in our digital travel industry magazine.

While AI is essential to Travel’s future, most travel companies aren’t taking full advantage of it.

The metaverse is transforming travel companies in five ways. Here’s the why, what and how.

Leading travel companies are creating new value from data and fast-tracking their return to growth. As a result, they are enjoying major benefits.

In our latest data in travel blog series, Accenture's Tuba Guclu discusses how to use cloud to put data to work.

Travel companies have to increase revenues, ramp up for new demand, and fix service issues. How can they deliver? 

The challenges with today’s travel experience and a playbook by WEF and Accenture to help policymakers and industry leaders reinvigorate travel.


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