For enterprises

An estimated 60 to 80% of revenues from insurance premiums flow out through the claims function as expenses and payouts. Payouts can comprise up to 80% of the claims costs. Our Al-Led Claims Platform helps insurers realize substantial cost savings across the entire claims value chain, from optimization of fees to payouts.

Customer loyalty and advocacy

It should come as no surprise that the process of a customer filing a claim is the moment of truth for every insurer. With so much value at stake, the Al-Led Claims Platform ensures a consistent, positive customer experience, with innovative and relevant customer-facing services tailored to their needs.

Best-in-class claims processing without large-scale transformation

The Al-Led Claims Platform enables enterprises to reap the value from their technology investments, without radical in-house transformation. All our best-in-class solutions are available in a cloud-based claims-as-a-service model.

Up to 11%

Reduction in claims cost. That is 100M Euro of savings for a mid-size European insurer. Our remuneration is based on the actual value delivered. Truly transparent.

For insureTech

Insurtechs the world over are providing customers with new, innovative solutions to customers. With insurtechs springing up to challenge insurers, insurers are understanding the value of partnering with relevant innovators.

Insurers can benefit from Insurtechs’ spirit of innovation, while Insurtechs can benefit from the deep industry knowledge and data that comes with traditional insurance.

With the support of FinTech Connector, the Al-Led Claims Platform is on a mission to support insurers in embracing innovation as part of their everyday business. Firstly, it allows insurers to gain an understanding of the insurtech landscape, without the need of organizing time-consuming research and scouting activities. Secondly, it runs its own acceleration and incubator programs, supporting the development of the best-in-class solutions in claims. And thirdly, it partners with the most innovative companies, handling all the contracts and managing relations.

For customers

Insurance customers are demanding change.

They expect insurers to offer simple, digital and tailor-made services. They are looking for the same, sophisticated digital experiences they have with any other industries, such as retail. However, insurance customers are hard to impress because they are difficult to engage. Many interact with their insurers once a year. This is why, one of the most significant moments of truth for every customer and every insurer comes when a claim needs to be processed.

The Al-Led Claims Platform helps to alleviate the stress, both for the customer and the insurer. With customer-centered innovation, omnichannel services, and Al-powered solutions, it helps insurers provide the best possible, customer-centric service. It navigates each step of the customer journey through relevant touchpoints, while providing access to all the third-party services involved in the process. This benefits both the customers and insurers with a variety of the state-of-the-art solutions, from speech-to-text, through picture recognition, to predictive analytics solutions.

Claimbox series

Watch the first episode of ClaimBox Series, featuring Pawel Jakubik from Microsoft, Aleksandra Kopeć from FinTech Connector and Lukasz Marczyk from Accenture, who join us to share their points of view on the empathy-driven & empowering AI-Led claims solution.

Meet our leader

Insurers can now benefit from risk-free, high bottom line savings in just a few months. It has never been easier.

Łukasz Marczyk

Managing Director – Insurance Lead, Poland

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