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Skills to Succeed

Creating 360° Value

Our response to COVID-19

Supporting communities impacted by COVID-19

People + Work Connect

Helping people get back to work

Accenture Development Partnerships

Addressing complex issues around the world

Social Innovators

Tackling challenges facing society and the planet with our clients

360° Value Reporting

All reporting in one place

Creating a more economically inclusive world

Investing in young entrepreneurs

Preparing young people for a more sustainable future

Careers for a digital future


Fundaula is a free online training platform that equips people with increasingly in-demand digital skills and improves employability.

ReDI School of Digital Integration in Germany

We co-founded ReDI with Microsoft to help reskill refugees and other displaced people with in-demand technology training.

Innovating to skill at scale

New Skills Now

This free online learning program helps develop skills in key areas to secure a first job, start a business and navigate to the next opportunity.

Virtual Skill-Up

This immersive-learning smartphone app uses VR to help people prepare for a first job or business venture by enhancing their communication skills.

Institute for Veterans and Military Families

We built a VR app that helps U.S. service members, veterans and military spouses transition to the workforce.

Goodwill Industries International

Project Overcome uses VR to give people affected by the criminal justice system experience in mock interviews and coaching to re-enter the workforce.

Experienced workers

Stay Nimble

We helped this UK-based social-enterprise create a digital platform so they can build confidence and envision new career paths.

Upwardly Global

Upwardly Global helps newcomers rebuild their lives in the U.S.

Refugee Talent Hub (RTH)

RTH has engaged clients and others to meet with refugees to mentor and train them towards a job.

First jobs and entrepreneurship

Generation Unlimited’s Passport to Earning

Accenture, UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited and Microsoft are equipping 10 million youth in 10 countries with digital skills essential for employment.

Sky’s the Limit

We work with Sky’s the Limit to support underrepresented young adult entrepreneurs with resources, training and mentoring by Accenture volunteers.

Next generation

Junior Achievement in Ireland (JAI)

We’ve partnered with JAI for more than 10 years—positively impacting the lives of over 10,000 young people.

eSmart Digital Licence+ in Australia and New Zealand

This gamified learning experience will help students develop digital intelligence, online safety and problem-solving skills for the digital world.

Impact hiring

Generation Australia

We partner with Generation Australia—a career reskilling and preparation nonprofit—to develop the next generation of cloud practitioners.

Mozaïk RH in France

We work with Mozaïk RH, a recruitment firm that specializes in promoting social diversity, to find qualified candidates from disadvantaged areas.

Apprenticeship program in North America

We hire, train, coach and provide career opportunities for non-traditional hires and re-skillers whose jobs have or will be disrupted by technology.

Accenture (South Africa) Education Trust

We help financially disadvantaged people gain a degree in engineering, IT or computer science through our scholarship and mentoring programs.

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