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Green skills for a nation
whose time has come

octubre 7, 2022 5-minutos de lectura


In brief

Singapore's unique strengths open an opportunity to become a world-class sustainability leader

It’s ours for the taking, but are all of us ready?

Skills supply and demand are key indicators to track toward green readiness

Skills Palette for the green economy - it is not the job; it is every job

Everyone has a role to play in Singapore’s sustainability story

SMEs are the engine room of the Singapore economy.

Bringing SMEs along the sustainable journey starts with removing their key friction points

Singapore can punch above its weight

Will you join this green wave of change?

About the Authors

Grace Yip

Managing Director – Senior Client Account Lead, Health & Public Services, Southeast Asia

Shaun Chau

Managing Director – Sustainability Lead, ANZ

Georgina Kilroy

Director – Economic Insights

Wenfei Wang

Consultant – Talent & Organisation

Jenni Lai

Senior Principal – Thought Leadership, Accenture Research


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