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Blue-sky thinking: How cloud can accelerate growth

Februar 23, 2021


In brief

Take innovation higher

The secret to a data-driven reinvention in the cloud? Ensuring it’s one and the same with the business strategy. Focus on the elements that will deliver the greatest impact to the business and align with the overall goals of the organization.

Capture cloud capabilities: The business ecosystem

How to get the most out of cloud

Know where you’re going

For a sense of drive and purpose in a cloud innovation initiative, it’s essential to see the bigger picture—to have a north star vision.

Innovation is everyone’s opportunity

To get the most value from cloud innovation, it needs to be a core objective for the whole organization, not just an IT project.

Don’t try to get there in one leap

That north star can seem a long way off. Consider breaking the innovation journey into a series of smaller and more manageable initiatives.

Piggyback on hyperscaler innovation

Hyperscalers pour huge sums into new services, industrializing traditional capabilities like networking and cutting-edge ones like quantum computing.

Innovation is not a side project

If you view innovation as something that happens outside the core organization, you risk your initiatives getting sidelined—and failing to scale.

Cloud: The mother of business reinvention

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