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Federal workforce transformation


Reimagine work

We help you understand how technology is changing work, evaluate current workforce strengths and gaps, and create a roadmap for future requirements.

Pivot the workforce for the future

We determine the need for a broader talent ecosystem, creating talent pools, readying the workforce for AI, and sourcing from across the enterprise.

Scaling up new skilling

We use a collaborative training strategy that emphasizes continuous learning to ensure the right employees are skilled at the right time.

How we work

Establish the blueprint

We begin by looking at your IT and organizational operating models to define potential changes such as flatter structures or self-managed teams.

Grow agile leaders

We help cultivate new leadership skills as well as cultural and leadership components focused on mindset and behavior changes.

Retool the workforce

Infuse digital fluency and data literacy into the workforce to empower them to capitalize on emerging technologies and new work models.

Inspire new behaviors

Emphasizing mission-driven work, reinforcing core values, and creating a culture of continuous learning to inspire new behaviors.

Our leaders

Kristen Vaughan

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Operations Growth Platform Lead

Britaini Carroll

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Human Capital Practice Lead


Future of federal HR

Make human capital a strategic asset through strategy, employee experience, precision recruiting, leadership development and process optimization.

Federal human capital analytics

Gain critical insights about organizational performance and readiness. Understand your productivity drivers, labor cost and workforce risk factors.

NextGen change for government

Prepare your agency for large-scale transformation, empowering a resilient and change-ready workforce. Insight driven, agile, and human-centered.