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Supply chain and operations services

Can you see your Scope 3?

See and act on emissions across all supplier tiers

Drive change. Deliver the promise to simplify lives. Enable growth.

Total Enterprise Reinvention

Total Enterprise Reinvention

We outline how organizations can achieve higher levels of performance through technology and innovation

Supply chain & manufacturing resiliency in a world of uncertainty


Resilient supply chain

Build a secure, responsive supply chain network that anticipates and adapts to disruptions, market changes and customer demands.

Customer-centric supply chain

Create a supply chain network that can predict demand and deliver personalized products, services and experiences.

Sourcing and procurement

Reimagine end-to-end procurement to improve profitability and create a more sustainable and resilient supply base.

How we make it happen


Transform data-driven decision-making across supply chain networks using AI, analytics and intelligent automation. Learn more.


Change through custom cloud services and solutions that accelerate innovation and value across supply chain networks. Learn more.


Navigate a complex partner ecosystem across supply chain networks, accelerate digital transformation and enhance the digital core. Learn more.

Industry X

Use the combined power of data and digital to reimagine the products you make and how you make them, every step of the way. Learn more.


Become responsible by design by building sustainable value chains that positively impact business, society and the planet.

A forward-looking supply chain

We helped a food marketing and distribution company reimagine its supply chain through unified view of demand forecasting.

Routing to resilient and sustainable supply chain

The power of proactive risk management.

Digital transformation in a nutshell

Cracking the supply chain strategy in the cloud.

Supply chain and operations blogs

Our ecosystem

What we think

Military readiness through supply chain resilience

Learn why digital twins are necessary for a more resilient military defense supply chain.

Supply chain disruption

Supply chain networks of the future must have resilience and sustainability at their heart.

Can you see your Scope 3?

Can you see and act on emissions across all supplier tiers? You can now. Accenture's research and new tools to shed light on Scope 3.

Our leaders

Kris Timmermans

Lead – Supply Chain & Operations

Pierre-François Kaltenbach

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, EMEA Lead

Vivek Luthra

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, Growth Markets Lead

Patty Riedl

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, North America Lead

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