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Our Systems & Platforms R&D Group develops architecture needed to support next-gen applications that use more AI, process more data, and span ecosystems.

Top areas of focus

Explore how our researchers apply the next generation of infrastructure and knowledge-powered architectures to create dramatic improvements to our client's AI and data-powered business.

Pushing quantum computing to the next level

In 2018, we were granted a patent for a “multi-state quantum optimization engine” that helps optimize decision-making with unprecedented efficiency.


We are innovating in the areas of blockchain interoperability and mutable smart contracts.

Edge analytics

We deploy and manage analytics and applications at the edge of IOT.

Exploring the future of enterprise robotics

The next phase of robotic automation is now here. The goal: to improve efficiency, safety and security—and reduce operating costs.

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A new era of infrastructure

As digital transformation accelerates, demand for computing power only gets bigger. To create high-performing applications at the right cost, leaders must orchestrate the right computing workload across a range of evolving computing hardware.

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Our world-class R&D charts a research agenda, explores innovations, and delivers solutions, leveraging the most promising emerging technologies.

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