Sustainability: Service overview

Sustainability services help organizations turn costs and risks into business opportunities


To deliver sustainable growth and profitability in a digitally disrupted world, organizations need to enhance their business value. Our services help to integrate sustainable approaches into organizations' strategies, operating models, processes and technologies.

Creating sustainable value and outperforming the competition has never been more challenging. Empowered customers are defining business on their own terms. Regulatory and workforce changes are further influencing volatile markets. Pressures from supply chain risk and shifting markets are increasing.

Business leaders need to ask themselves:

  • How can I increase profitability by doing more with less?

  • What does it mean to be a responsible business in a digital world?

  • How can I measure and share a positive impact on society?

Organizations need a holistic approach that brings together strategy, design and execution to not only address today’s pressing needs, but also take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. Using four digitally focused capabilities, business leaders can help their organizations optimise their resources, differentiate and (re-) build trust through transparency and traceability, ensure digital responsibility and quantify value potential.

By better navigating sustainability, business leaders can turn costs and risks into business opportunities, nurturing their license to operate and grow.


Accenture Strategy is uniquely positioned to help organizations use sustainability as a lens for value creation in a digitally disrupted world, driving innovation and growth. We have:

  • Extensive industry and functional experience in developing and executing high-performing sustainability strategies.

  • Global reach and local relevance to offer customized sustainability solutions anywhere in the world.

  • Deep knowledge of sustainability & innovation across the value chain, aiming to identify how sustainability topics impact both the bottom line and society overall, and shaping innovative business models to maximize value.

  • Proven track record in economic and social impact projects across leading global companies, quantifying opportunities and driving business change.

  • Strong stakeholder understanding & engagement experience to support the sustainability transformation projects.

Specific Services

Accenture Strategy helps organizations achieve business and societal value through sustainability.

We prioritize improving value creation from sustainability solutions in the following areas:

Circular economy and resource effectiveness
  • Implement new circular business models, enabled by the use of digital technologies, while reducing waste and optimizing resource use. Ask yourself: How do I increase profitability by doing more with fewer resources and reduce externalities? Are there new market opportunities to simultaneously drive topline growth and tackle sustainability challenges?

Trust, transparency and traceability
  • Build business purpose and risk mitigation, promote transparency and differentiate to engender trust in a digitally connected world. Ask yourself: How can I trace material flow and impacts, and promote transparency to differentiate and (re-) build trust?

Digital trust and responsibility
  • Understand the potential risks presented by digital, diagnose digital responsibility readiness, and identify the best data ethics and privacy strategy. Ask yourself: What does it mean to be a responsible business in a rapidly evolving digital world?

Sustainable value
  • Define priorities and targets, quantify value potential, measure and communicate performance and impact, building the required capabilities. Ask yourself: How can I ensure a positive impact on society, measure this impact and communicate it?