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Make bold moves with intelligent travel operations

June 21, 2021


In brief

What does it take to be future-ready for travel?

Our conversations with industry experts signal that travel companies are ready to make bold moves.

It’s time to reinvent the way travel does business

Fast-Track to Travel Intelligent Operations | Accenture

Big advantages to being future-ready


Future-ready businesses have higher corporate profitability than other organizations.


Future-ready enterprises benefit from higher efficiency.

Aspiration is not actuality...yet


Three years ago, no travel organization described itself as future-ready. Just 20% were predictive, and the majority (64%) say they had efficient operating models.


Today, 6% of travel organizations call their operations future-ready, and most (58%) now believe that they have predictive operations.


What’s compelling is that ambitions are high in the travel business. By 2023, a full 30% of travel industry organizations expect to be future-ready.

The journey back to growth

Knowledge is power

01. Know the ultimate goal

Leaders must be bold and commit to making data-driven decisions with better data, and to automating decisions and tasks as algorithms prove accurate.

02. Build an actionable plan

Collaborate across business and technology, automate at scale to augment human talent, invest in AI, and scale cloud investments.

03. Leapfrog maturity levels

Build technology ecosystem relationships with proven partners to help accelerate and streamline digital transformation.

Now it’s time for creative pragmatism

Get the essentials

The big read

13 minute read

Make bold moves with intelligent travel operations

Recent Accenture research reveals the value at stake for travel companies that move to intelligent operations.

Short on time

2 minute read

Fast-track to future ready in travel infographic

Get a quick view of our travel operations research with key metrics on being future-ready.

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