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Accenture Technology Vision 2020 for SAP solutions

September 25, 2020


In brief

Innovate to outmaneuver uncertainty

Four technology trends for the years ahead

The I in experience

The pandemic is elevating the role and importance of digital experiences in people’s lives.

AI and me

AI is becoming even more important to enterprises in augmenting the workforce and making the business work smarter.

The dilemma of smart things

Smart and updateable products and services have huge potential. But constant change needs to be managed well.

Innovation DNA

In the post-pandemic era, comprehensive ongoing innovation will be a business imperative.

The I in experience

AI and me

The dilemma of smart things

Innovation DNA

Technology matters more than ever

Caspar Borggreve

Senior Managing Director Lead – SAP Business Group

Stéphane Martin


Surya Mukherjee

Head of Technology Research – Europe

Surya Mukherjee is a Senior Principal and thought leader who explores the transformative impact of technologies on industries, companies, and brands. He is also the head of Technology Research in Europe.

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Accenture Technology Vision 2020 for SAP solutions

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