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The state of cybersecurity resilience 2021

November 02, 2021


In brief

The state of cybersecurity resilience now


Increase in the average number of attacks per company since 2020


Report budget increases


Security is not part of the cloud discussion


Elevating the cybersecurity discussion

The escalating cyber threat landscape illustrates the urgent need to alter the approach to cybersecurity. CEOs need to lead this change by challenging how cyber risk is treated, monitoring security investments and leading culture change on security.

Key measures of cyber resilience

How to be a Cyber Champion

To be more like Cyber Champions:

Give CISOs a seat at the top table

By drawing on the experience and insights of the wider leadership team, CISOs can gain a broader perspective that serves the whole business well.

Be threat-centric and business aligned

Security leaders must closely align with the business as partners in driving down risk. This alignment helps to embed security into business priorities.

Get the most out of secure cloud

Organizations should seize the opportunity to reset their security posture, earlier and more effectively to the cloud—like our Cyber Champions do.

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