Breaking the rules to spark an underwriting revolution

For years, underwriting rules have been evolving and adapting to everchanging evidence sources. However, given COVID-19’s safety and social distancing requirements, the pace of change has accelerated, but so too has the velocity of technological advances. As consumers actively seek to protect their families’ financial well-being, they continue to demand a completely digital buying experience—on par with that of popular online retailers—rules alone will not be enough to achieve profitable business results at speed and scale.

The underwriting process is undergoing a revolution hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic and the rush by consumers to obtain protection. As life insurance carriers adapt and look beyond the pandemic, there's significant opportunity from the burgeoning, underinsured Millennial market and the up-and-coming Gen Zers (born in 1997 and onward) who are just entering the workforce and have an even greater appetite and aptitude for all things digital.

This paper explores innovative underwriting concepts that, when combined with automation and ecosystem orchestration, enable an accelerated end-to-end new business process without compromising the rigor required to evaluate risk. These underwriting concepts are at work today, enabling insurers to unlock opportunity with speed and scale from discrete market segments.

Only 15 percent of customers say they are satisfied with their insurer’s digital experience.

Read the white paper to find out:

  • What’s driving the underwriting revolution
  • About underwriting in the COVID-19 era
  • How efficient and effective underwriting is the next frontier in customer service
  • How underwriting can advance insurance innovation
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