Rapid response in healthcare.

AHA podcast addresses COVID-19 and impact of AI

Andy Shin, chief operating officer at the AHA Center for Health Innovation joined by Kaveh Safavi, head of global health at Accenture, discuss how COVID-19 is reshaping health care through technology. Recent advances, such as artificial intelligence, telehealth, virtual collaboration and data tracking are stepping up to help address the virus and flatten the curve. Digital innovations are expected to continue to transform healthcare and change the way patients are cared for forever.

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"COVID is an amplifier. It accelerates what was historically done as a matter of convenience, which is now a matter of necessity-- to free up resources and give clinicians the time to work on the things that only clinicians can do. AI and other information technology will have a transformative role in scaling our human resources and making the care experience more personal."

— KAVEH SAFAVI, Senior Managing Director – Global Health, Accenture, and contributor to the AHA Market Insights Report

AHA report on AI a valuable resource

To learn more about AI, AHA’s Market Insights report “AI and Care Delivery,” explores the impact of utilizing AI to improve care delivery and can serve as a valuable resource to hospitals and health systems during this global pandemic. The report explores the four building blocks hospitals and health system leaders need to create an effective clinical AI program: people, policies, resources and technology.

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