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Decoding opportunity


of health executives believe that the stakes for innovation have never been higher—getting it 'right' will require new ways of innovating with ecosystem partners and third-party organizations.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Make room for innovation

Forty-five percent of health executives say rapid advancements in new technologies and scientific innovations are poised to disrupt their industries.

Technology enables innovation at scale

Stemming the spread

What can healthcare leaders do next?

Explore unprecedented innovation opportunities

There is an unprecedented range of innovation opportunities for healthcare pioneers to capture.

Build your innovation DNA

Assemble a unique innovation DNA from maturing digital technologies, scientific advancements and DARQ capabilities.

Create an innovation engine

Design the capabilities to make it an ongoing practice. Ensure a constant injection of new skills, technologies and ideas—and make it OK to fail.

Kaveh Safavi, MD, JD

Senior Managing Director – Consulting Global Health

Kaveh has been a healthcare leader for more than 30 years and was recently named the top Healthcare IT Executive of 2020 by the IT Services Report.

Brian Kalis

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy Lead, Health

Brian is a digital health expert who combines business strategy and digital innovation to improve health experiences for consumers across the globe.

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