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NYC companies to increase tech talent hiring in 2021

April 30, 2021

In brief

"Now more than ever, companies in New York City must prioritize innovation to – and the only way that will be possible is hiring the right tech talent and technological advancements."

— Lynn McMahon, Office Managing Director – New York Metro


New York City executives report they are confident or very confident their company will be able to secure tech skill needed from the talent pool in NYC this year.


New York City executives expect to hire new talent to meet their technology resource needs over the next year.

"NYC’s diversity is a key reason tech companies choose to locate here, and it’s encouraging that so many survey respondents say hiring here will diversify their workforce. Now we must ensure underrepresented communities have access to the training they need to land these jobs."

— Julie Samuels, Executive Director – Tech:NYC


Respondents are confident or very confident that hiring within NYC can help diversify their workforce compared to hiring from other cities.


Respondents report their company is targeting workforce development programs for tech talent needs.

Remote work pre-COVID-19 versus today

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