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In brief

What is the future of work?


of workers say a hybrid model would be optimal

It’s not about place, it’s about potential

Asking where people should work in the future might be the wrong question. A better question is: What unleashes a person's potential, enabling them to be healthy and productive, regardless of where they work?

Productive and healthy workforce, wherever they are

Resources that help people be productive anywhere:

Reimagine hybrid working to boost business


of high-growth organizations have enabled productivity anywhere workforce models.


of negative or no-growth companies are still focused on where people are going to physically work (favoring all onsite or remote rather than enable hybrid).


of people who feel they can be productive everywhere say that they plan to stay with their company for a long time.

Inspire the future of work

Accelerate Modern HR

Develop a strategy that ensures workers are Net Better Off as they transition to new workspaces, teams and roles. Cut through new complexities that have emerged to unlock human ingenuity.

Design work around people

There is no one-size-fit-all model, so organizations must respond to the needs of all types of workers. Organizations that support psychological and physical safety will foster trust.

Build digital fluency

Digitally fluent organizations have higher growth and are better places to work. Build digital fluency at all levels, designing tailored skilling and learning paths that serve different needs.

Lead with humanity

Responsible leaders create environments in which the Modern Board, CEO and C-suite make sure workers are Net Better Off. They build a fail-fast culture of ongoing experimentation and improvement.

Business growth in an uncertain world depends on a resilient and productive workforce. Start building yours today.

About the research

About the Authors

Christie Smith

Lead – Talent & Organization/Human Potential

Yaarit Silverstone

Senior Managing Director – Talent & Organization / Human Potential, Global Strategy Lead & North America Lead

Nicholas Whittall

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organization, Talent Strategy & Development Global Lead

David Shaw

Senior Managing Director – Talent & Organization, HR Transformation & Delivery Co-lead, UKG Lead

Kent McMillan

Managing Director, Accenture Strategy – Global Lead, Organizational Development and Europe Lead, Intelligent Operating Model​

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