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3 data & AI investments to prioritize for COVID-19 recovery

September 17, 2020


In brief

Investments and priorities for recovery and growth

Cloud becomes a catalyst for the strategic use of data, advanced analytics and AI with an opportunity to leverage data at scale, improve its quality and unlock its value with applied intelligence.

3 critical priorities for investment

1. Simplify your technology ecosystem

Our clients are starting to look at simplification of their systems and vendor ecosystem.

2. Break down data silos

As requests for visibility and access to data increase, so does the need for an integrated insights platform…a common data foundation.

3. Commit to a data-driven culture

To create a company of believers, you must have their buy-in that the mission of data-driven reinvention is the critical differentiator for the organization to survive.


Data democratization can deliver 30-70% improvement in productivity, which is critical as AI programs take priority.

Leveraging our investments for long-term opportunity

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Sanjeev Vohra

Lead – Accenture Applied Intelligence
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