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Digitally Enabled Grid 2017


It’s Time For

Utility Distribution Businesses

to Take Charge of Their Future

Distribution utility businesses are now taking on the need to evolve their role in their industry.

They recognize how vital digital technologies and smart solutions are to help respond to new challenges including increased distributed generation, greater cybersecurity threats, new data sources, and an uncertain regulatory landscape. Amid these challenges, how can utilities create and maintain networks that matter?

What's Next
Smarter Integration
of Distribution Generation

Smarter Integration of

Distributed Generation is a Must.

But are Utilities Ready to Connect the Dots?

The world’s energy systems are experiencing a surge in distributed generation.

The growing number of solar and wind prosumers is creating stress on already strained networks. As the move toward more sustainable energy continues, smarter integration of distributed generation is non-negotiable. The question is not if, but when. The time for action is now.


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