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CFOs are no longer content to allow their more technical counterparts to drive digital adoption. With a premium placed on shareholder value, they cannot afford to take a secondary role, because business insight and digital are inextricably tied.

This skeptical group is beginning to witness greater than expected returns on investment (ROIs) across the board for digital initiatives, making them converts in short order.

Forward-thinking executives now realize the CFO of the future is not a technical architect, but rather a leader in linking digital technologies to ROI—spearheading digital finance.


Key findings

  • Mobile, analytics and cloud are no longer the digital finance mainstay. While adoption for all three technologies hovers in the 30 percent range, blockchain now joins them. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) follow just a few percentage points behind.

  • Nearly one-third of the CFOs surveyed by Accenture Strategy reported that digital finance investments are having an impact beyond their immediate purview, transforming the business at large.

  • Technology alone is not the answer. True digital transformation occurs when the right support systems are in place, from the optimal talent mix to the appropriate operating model. A full 82 percent of our survey leaders said the finance operating model must change to realize digital’s full value.

Digital impacts on finance organizations


Move beyond Digital Lite. Digital is more than social, mobile, analytics and cloud. If your organization is not addressing blockchain, artificial intelligence, security threat intelligence and robotic process automation—at a minimum—you are already behind.

Remove your cost and productivity lens. Think total investment value. Align digital finance strategy with business strategy.

Make decisions differently. Digital is not an overlay. It changes the way your business operates—and the way your teams must make decisions.


Who we are

David advises large multinational companies around the world on doing business in an increasingly complex and volatile global marketplace. With more than three decades of experience, he specializes in strategy, finance, technology, organizational design and risk management. David is an accomplished author and a popular speaker who has delivered keynote presentations at more than 150 conferences around the world. He is based in Cleveland.

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