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Stay competitive in a contested payments market

Why payments matters


The combined revenue that consumer and commercial payments providers are forecast to earn by 2028


of payments incumbents say they are losing share of wallet—and the associated revenue—to bigtech and fintech competitors


of banks say their legacy technology stack constrains them from innovating, which contributes to the lack of real-time commercial payments options


of consumers expect all payments will be real time by 2025

What you can do

Banks, payments specialists and multi-industry payments players all need a decisive strategy that builds on their traditional strengths while investing in innovation and agility.

To meet customer expectations and comply with new standards, a strong digital core is critical. Cloud, AI, data and automation go a long way to strengthening the core, which enables efficient technology, revenue growth, adaptability and security.


of banks have adopted high levels of automation and AI in their commercial payments divisions

Consumer and corporate demand for next-generation payments propositions—such as BNPL, digital wallets and digital currencies—is spurring providers to offer flexible payment methods and better experiences both online and in-store.

Cost reduction is rising in importance for banks and payments providers with lower revenues and non-optimized payments capabilities. Banks can unlock the power of data-driven operations through process transformation and intelligent automation.

Integrated ecosystems created by Open Banking allow banks and payments providers to participate in new value chains, providing end-to-end solutions for customers’ key life moments.


of banks cited the development of industry-specific Open Banking solutions as a top driver for investing in the modernization of their legacy payments infrastructure

Payments data unlocks real-time insights for clients and is the foundation for pursuing new possibilities with AI. Explore data enrichment strategies to convert payments data into relevant and timely insights your clients are prepared to pay for.

The revenue potential of commercial payments is constrained by legacy technology and fintech threats in areas like merchant services and cash management. Banks can defend their share and grow revenue with industry-tailored value-added solutions.


estimated opportunity by 2028 for commercial payments providers who offer value-added services to their clients

Partner with other banks, fintechs and bigtechs to scale quickly and create next-generation payments solutions that retain existing clients, bring value to all parties and create new revenue streams.


of banks said they would develop gen AI solutions in partnership with other banks