State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Corporation (SGCC Shaanxi), a subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China, wanted to implement new information and communication technologies, strengthen information-sharing, and eliminate barriers to operational excellence.

In line with China’s 12th Five-Year Plan period, SGCC Shaanxi sought to strengthen its smart grid networks. In preparation for the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the company had additional goals, especially in managing its thousands of meter, line and grid assets.

  • Eliminate redundancy and waste in its asset management environment to better control spending.
  • Obtain higher-quality asset management data to enhance leadership’s operational improvement capabilities.
  • Standardize business operations and improve operational visibility through more consistent information flows.
  • Implement an optimized asset management capability to adapt to China's electricity markets reforms and avoid possible operating income and profit reductions.

Strategy and Solution

Accenture and SGCC Shaanxi targeted a more intelligent grid through technology including mobile, cloud, analytics and the Internet of Things. As well as using big data technologies for asset data analyses, the solution comprised several components.


Asset identification and data-sharing

Mobile intelligent terminals and RFID sensors on SGCC Shaanxi’s assets monitor each asset’s health and performance across its lifecycle.


Workforce augmentation

IoT technologies accelerate and ease the acquisition of asset data. New human-computer interactions allow employees to focus on strategic activities.


Data quality assurance

Mobile technologies and micro applications (to be set up in private cloud) confirm alignment of on-site business activities and system operations.

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SGCC Shaanxi has established an asset management capability that provides greater asset visibility and information sharing and connects life-cycle asset data to business and financial processes. In addition to cost savings, other benefits include:


Decision making

With real-time asset tracking, the company has accurate reference data to make investment decisions and determine how to better allocate resources.


Service quality

With an enhanced knowledge of asset performance and better operational efficiencies, the company can minimize power outages from faulty equipment.


Employee experiences

IoT technologies and data analytics improve productivity, reducing the time and manual effort in managing assets and capturing and assessing data.

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The new solution is distinguishing SGCC Shaanxi as an asset management leader among the State Grid Corporation’s family of subsidiaries—the deployment of RFID tags alone have reduced the time operators spend checking and submitting operational data by more than 40 percent. The solution also exemplifies the value of optimized asset management and asset operational efficiency for other state-owned, asset-intensive enterprises.

“The intelligent asset management system will effectively solve the problem of divergence, inconsistencies, and disorder in asset data. It will greatly expand the scope of asset management, substantially improve the quality of our business, increase efficiency, and stimulate the innovative vitality of the life-cycle management system." said Liu Taihong, Chief Engineer, Shaanxi Electric Power Corporation.

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