Purchasing a professional appliance, like an oven or industrial washer, is a time- and research-intensive process. Given the appliance’s fundamental importance to hotel, restaurant, catering and healthcare businesses, selecting the right product is more a project than a shopping expedition.

For sales staff, customer focus is intense and multi-faceted. Selling an oven to a large restaurant, for example, might involve understanding the cuisine, how the restaurant is positioned in the local market, and how many covers it expects to have. There may be numerous points of contact: chef, owner, manager, architect and interior designer. And these business-to-business customers have come to expect the personalized interaction they experience in the consumer world in their business-to-business purchases.

Electrolux Professional, a leading global appliance manufacturer, wanted to redefine the customer experience at all stages of the sales process through digitalization and greater personalization. It aimed to heighten product innovation across its foodservice, beverage, and laundry equipment lines and improve customer focus for its commercial kitchen and laundry clients. To do so, Electrolux Professional needed to deliver superior customer relationship management tools and capabilities to field sales, customer care, and marketing employees globally. The goal was to support sales employees in their day-to-day activities, speed up the customer sales funnel and share up-to-the-minute data with customers in face-to-face meetings.

What Accenture did

To deliver on a digital sales transformation, Electrolux Professional worked with Accenture. Together, we streamlined processes and provided systems integration services to maximize the power of the company’s new Salesforce cloud platform. We used a global process template to streamline and harmonize processes in accordance with the best practices embedded in the platform.

The automated system encompasses functions such as account, lead, opportunities and activities management while enabling a powerful reporting and dashboarding system based on reliable data. With user workflows, key processes are automated and serve as a guide in sales representatives’ customer interactions. Integration between the solution and company’s system offers consistent pricing, opportunity insights and customer contact across channels. It gives users a 360-degree view of the customer across channels and departments.

We deployed the solution and new mobile app to 500 professional users in 28 markets in just 13 months. Our agile delivery approach—where we made incremental changes and tested them continuously with users—enabled the company to take the solution to market quickly.

"Teaming with Accenture helped us maximize the power of our Salesforce platform to make our global organization more open and connected, running common sales and marketing processes worldwide. We now have visibility into everything customer-related."

— MARIAGRAZIA FLAIBANI, Global Head of Digital Marketing – CEX & CRM

People and culture

Sales representatives, sales directors and area managers now have intuitive tools and insightful data, to interact with customers more effectively and track opportunities on the go. This is changing the way that sales reps work, enabling them to assign, document and track leads and related activities in a more structured, systematic way.

With a comprehensive view of the customer, sales employees can better understand their needs. This is helping them offer a more personalized service and engage in more meaningful, data-driven conversations. Having all customer information in one place means that sales employees have a better sense of the customer’s overall experience to improve satisfaction and build a customer-focused culture.

Dominic, Sales Representative

Dominic finds it easy to see customer interactions across channels, offering a more personalized service with a focus on relationship building.

Bella, Area Manager

Bella now has an overview of sales reps’ activities from her phone to monitor performance or seize deals where her support and leadership are needed.

Emilia, Sales Director

From a dashboard on her laptop and mobile phone, Emilia has a clear view of the sales pipeline to push area managers and focus on strategic deals.

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Value delivered

Electrolux Professional is now a more customer-focused organization with key global capabilities to accelerate product innovation and efficiency. Sales employees can track the customer experience from prospect to sale with a clear view of the pipeline, while management can control and monitor the business with common metrics and take fast actions to grow. Data quality and segmenting are also improving customer profiling.

Better tools and streamlined processes are shortening the time to reach new customers and accelerate the business. Once sales reps learn of an opportunity, they can jump on it. Automated tools and processes allow them to pursue the deal without having to spend hours strategizing, helping to increase sell through. With a complete view of the customer, sales teams can focus on building the customer relationship instead of tracking paperwork.

As Electrolux Professional’s smart, connected appliance offerings grow, so will the need for new ideas and increased customer focus as it becomes a more services-oriented company. The solution’s open architecture allows Electrolux Professional to scale the new and expand its horizons with additional functionalities and features as they come. The company is now primed to move to the next level of customer service—and growth.

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