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Case Study

Globo: A broadcaster’s sequel

Transforming into a mediatech company

3-minute read

Call for change

For decades, Globo has been as relevant in Brazil’s media landscape as its popular evening soap operas. But new competitors and changing consumer behavior jeopardized its traditional media model. Globoplay, a digital streaming service, was growing, but it lacked the investment and agility to compete at scale.

As a massive holding company, Globo didn’t have the innovative environment that allowed teams to test and learn from their mistakes. Meanwhile, brands increasingly wanted a multichannel targeted approach to reach audiences and meet business objectives. To become a global digital player, the company needed a fresh direction.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Globo teamed up with Accenture to implement its transformation journey, UmaSóGlobo (“Only One Globo”). Globo pursued a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy with an integrated suite of products. New investments in Globoplay created a better user experience and new revenue streams.

The team reinvented Globo’s operating model, setting it up as a mediatech company with an innovation hub that aims to be the “factory” from which all digital products originate. To support the new model, the company broke down its silos and crafted an environment to “test and learn” from new products in the marketplace.

A valuable difference

Today, Globo is a D2C organization offering innovative digital products. Whether it’s on free-to-air TV, pay TV or digital, Globo can reach audiences and markets in a more targeted way with its advertising business. And in a “cookieless” world, the team developed new opportunities to use data with incremental monetization.

Benefiting from streamlined costs and top-line growth initiatives, Globo is accelerating advertising revenues and deploying digital capabilities through its 1,500-person innovation hub. And with its mindset of “learning to learn,” the mediatech giant has a legacy it will never lose.