Roy Lee

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Roy Lee


Digital Strategist


Metro DC, United States

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Digital Careers

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Bachelors, Business Admin – California State University, San Marcos
"Every day I solve problems and Accenture motivates me to think harder, work faster, and be better so that work for our clients makes a positive change."


As a Digital & Customer Strategist with Accenture Federal Services I help clients succeed by helping them identify opportunities in their organization and their stakeholders, reinvent the way they do things, and set a path to help them achieve that in today’s digital world. Being stakeholder-centric is a primary focus in the nonprofit and employment industries and so that’s also my focus in my role.

For some organizations, focusing on stakeholders first is different and that is where I can help. I constantly find myself in projects where I am able to apply innovation and strategic thinking to solve my clients’ toughest challenges to better serve their stakeholders and in the end, their mission, and I’m grateful for that. I’m able to make a difference not just for my client, but for a larger cause. Its work that matters and I get to be a part of it.

Outside of projects I help manage our business relationships with clients and strategic planning efforts in both the employment and nonprofit industries.

I not only get to support the growth of public sector organizations, but my own organization as well and it’s a great experience.


Put a Go-Pro on me and you’ll see that one day I am working side by side with a client to define a new vision for one of their initiatives, I am collaborating with my peers to solve problems using our methodologies, I am attending a conference to learn and meet others, or having coffee with mentors or mentees in an effort to continuously develop. I’m strategizing, socializing, learning, leading, following, and growing.

Outside the Office

Giving back is important to me. Volunteering for local nonprofits is one of the ways I fulfill that. I also am a music fanatic and fun sock enthusiast.


Take the time to explore what Accenture has to offer. We’re a global organization that works in almost every industry and every discipline. So if you’re an analyst, treat it like college. Try everything and then focus on one.