Accenture named a Leader in Commerce Services

People and businesses are connecting, buying, and selling in completely new ways, with new habits, new expectations, and new preferences that have been evolving over the past decade. Covid-19 fast-tracked those changing consumer behaviors and accelerated digital commerce by a decade in just one year – creating a massive opportunity for growth and leaving businesses clamoring to keep pace.

To make the most of that massive growth opportunity, businesses need to adapt quickly. They need to fundamentally rewire their organizations to deliver with agility and profitability. To do that, we help them transform their commerce businesses to drive profitable growth.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be recognized as a Leader in Commerce Services in The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Services, Q1 2021. “Accenture leads with strong strategy and implementation services in every region,” wrote Forrester. “Compared with other providers we evaluated, Accenture shows strength and higher client satisfaction in commerce strategy services, commerce platform development, and commerce operations implementation services.”

We integrate our powerful capabilities to help brands drive agility and growth – starting with a deeper understanding of their changing customers and an assessment of the digital commerce opportunity.

 How customers have changed

Today’s customers want to be met on their terms, not the reverse. They want companies that are ready for purchases any time, any place, and any way the customer wants. 71% even shop in “micro moments” while doing something else. That means every moment is a chance to sell and every channel is a purchase pathway – but customer habits are changing.

In the wake of Covid-19, consumers are establishing new purchase habits and looking for new ways to buy, prioritizing flexible options like curbside pickup, contactless operations, and same-day delivery. And as their habits change, so do their expectations. Customers now expect free shipping, flexible payments, curated recommendations, subscription models, and more – all customized and available on their terms. Traditional selling models are changing rapidly in the face of all this.

But even as expectations grow, customers’ core values have stayed the same. They prioritize trust, convenience and relevance in their purchase experiences, and they expect businesses to do the same when they sell. Brands who exceed expectations by delivering on their brand promise with trustworthy, convenient, and relevant experiences have an opportunity to create new relationships, build loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value.

The opportunity for brands

Brands who engage consumers in the moment have the opportunity to create new revenue streams, meet new customers, and capture the full potential of an ecommerce market that’s set to nearly triple to $27 trillion by 2027.

We help brands capture that full growth opportunity by fundamentally changing the way they work and rewiring their organizations to think digital-first. When businesses harness the power of digital commerce, they have more control over their brand promises, more visibility into sales performance, and more opportunities to create growth across marketplaces and channels.

Our commerce transformation system helps brands reimagine buying and selling experiences, drive commerce expansion, and unify business operations. We drive profitable growth with proprietary assets, deep ecosystem partnerships, and the unmatched power of Accenture.

 See more from Accenture and Forrester

We’re proud to be recognized by Forrester as a Leader in Commerce Services as we continue to focus on driving profitable growth and resilience for our clients’ commerce businesses in these changing times.

Contact us to learn more about Commerce Services, and visit the Forrester website to view the full report (available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase).

Debora Corrao

Lead – Salesforce Business Group, Global

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