Application Management Services (AMS) have evolved over the years in tandem with changing technologies and enterprise priorities. The focus of application management has historically been improving productivity and reducing costs while ensuring applications are up and running. Next-generation application management is the evolution of traditional AMS. More mature models of service delivery, newer financial constructs, and evolved governance models along with the use of more advanced technologies are some of the differentiating factors of next-generation AMS vis-à-vis traditional AMS. Enterprises are increasingly demanding next-generation AMS from their service providers in order to cut the run spend and divert it toward modernization and creation of new assets.

This year’s Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for Next-generation Application Management Service Providers 2021 names Accenture as a Leader in both Vision & Capability and Market Impact. The designation underscores Accenture’s ability to work with a quick “build, measure, and learn” mindset, powered by continuous feedback, to promote experimentation aligned to customer value.

The Everest Group report examines the dynamics of the global next-generation application management service provider landscape and presents an assessment of 24 leading service providers. The report’s Vision & Capability category measures service providers’ ability to deliver services successfully, captured through vision and strategy, scope of services offered, innovation and investments, and engagement and delivery footprint. Meanwhile, the Market Impact category measures impact created in the market, captured through market adoption, portfolio mix and value delivered to clients.

Everest Group noted that Leaders, like Accenture, have:

  • Exhibited strong client orientation and have helped their clients in the management of complex business-critical applications using next-generation application management principles to achieve faster -time-to-value, enhanced user experience, reduce the run spend, and drive innovation
  • Made significant investments in building IPs and partnerships to accelerate the application development process and deliver custom solutions to clients
  • While delivering enhanced business value, further fine-tune certain aspects of their application service delivery such as price and solution flexibility

The Everest Group report also highlighted several Accenture strengths, including:

  • Proactively committing to business KPIs for AMS engagements to drive business outcomes for clients
  • Messaging around “Zero Maintenance” for next-generation AMS leveraging concepts, such as DevOps and Agile practices, SRE, and automation, is resonating in the market
  • Investment in IP for AMS such as, the myWizard platform, that drive automation at scale and is supported by proof points across multiple engagements
  • Strong partnership network with more than 270 technology providers. This enables it to penetrate a wide range of enterprise landscapes with very different requirements

We are proud to be recognized by Everest Group as a Leader for next-generation application management services. As our clients accelerate their move to cloud, we are helping them focus on executing revenue generating and mission-critical business applications, with innovation at the core while enabling flexibility, elasticity and availability.

Ramnath Venkataraman

Senior Managing Director – CTO and Managed Services Lead, Private Equity

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