2020 has been a year of tremendous change and struggle, underscoring more than ever organizations’ need to adapt to change fast. Recent years have continued to emphasize that product lifecycles are shrinking. And smaller, more nimble companies are taking market share away from corporate giants. Now, the impact of current events and the corresponding digitization of work across the globe has accentuated the gap between businesses with the vision and means to succeed amid disruption - and the rest.

In this environment, the Business Agility Report – which Accenture | SolutionsIQ partnered with the Business Agility Institute, AgilityHealth and TeamForm to produce - helps us see which organizations are just surviving today and which are thriving.

The annual Business Agility Report surveys people all over the world on how adaptable to change their companies are. This year the survey began right before COVID-19 hit and continued through the first few months. This let us see the impact of a disruption across the world as it was happening.

The 2020 Business Agility Report highlights the three key predictive indicators of business agility:

  1. Relentless improvement
  2. Funding models
  3. Value streams

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Simply put, when an organization is committed to learning and improving, to funding business results rather than just products, and to delivering value with efficient, human-centric work processes, that organization is better able to adapt to change quickly. In other words, that organization is demonstrating business agility.

Let me entice you to read the full report with a quote from the introduction. It’s written by the author of “The Age of Agile” and Forbes senior contributor, Steve Denning.

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“The report shows respondents’ strong belief that the focus on business agility is leading to enhanced customer and employee satisfaction, speed to market, market success, collaboration and communication, accountability, and improved ways of working.”

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What the 2020 Business Agility Report reveals is this: COVID or no COVID, every organization needs to be adaptable to the constantly changing environment that is our world today.

Be sure to check out the full report

John Rudd

Global Business Agility Lead

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