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March 12, 2018
Clean Technology Adoption: Digital and Analytics Are Your Answer
By: Sid Ghatak

If someone asks what the most pressing issue facing the world is currently, many will say it’s reducing the impact humans have on our environment. There have been numerous advances in clean technologies in recent years that hold the potential to truly transform our lives. From clean energy sources such as wind, solar, and wave, to transformations in transportation and recycling, the investments being made in this space will ultimately provide significant societal, environmental, and financial benefits. But to fulfill this potential, the clean technology industry must leverage digital and analytics processes so that they are able to operate efficiently and scale in a cost-effective manner.

Digital and analytics processes have been used since the commercial adoption of the Internet by search, e-commerce, and social media. Advancements in this space in the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used by clean technology companies to develop fully autonomous self-managed systems. Data can be collected by Internet of things (IoT) sensors at extremely low costs. This data can then be collected and analyzed by these systems to instantaneously and autonomously adjust to changing environmental conditions. Over time, the data collected throughout the landscape can be analyzed and used to develop even more efficient systems at lower costs.

How do you envision a fully autonomous clean technology process functioning? How could these technologies be applied in your industry? What changes does your organization need to make to fully adopt digital and analytics capabilities? The Accenture Academy courses Impact of Digital and Analytics on Business Processes in Clean Technology Companies, Technologies and Capabilities Needed to Adopt Digital and Analytics Processes, Benefits of Digital and Analytics in the Recycling Industry, Benefits of Digital and Analytics in the Clean Energy Industry, and How Digital and Analytics Can Improve Clean Technologies will help you understand how digital and analytics can be used to improve the clean technology industry. They will dive into the three main areas of clean technology—recycling, energy, and transportation—and will also cover how digital and analytics processes can be used to create fully autonomous systems that operate efficiently, are able to adjust to continuously changing conditions, and can scale cost effectively.

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