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To be our best at work, we need to feel our best

January 27, 2022

To be our best at work, we need to feel our best
To be our best at work, we need to feel our best

Thinking about my awesome team at Accenture, we each bring unique strengths and abilities to work:

  • Some are great at solving complex and unstructured problems. 
  • Others think outside the box and like to challenge the status quo.
  • Many have a natural ability to communicate eloquently and creatively.
  • And there are those who keep calm and can balance all unexpected curveballs with ease.

There is one thing we all have in common.

We are at our best when we feel our best. It’s the common attribute that leads to effective teamwork.

And it’s why our commitment to an inclusive and diverse workplace is not just a glowing message or print on a mug—it’s something we live by, every day.

Developing inclusive leaders and teams

When I joined Accenture in 2005, I was instantly drawn to its welcoming, nurturing and uplifting culture. And as I took on the role of I&D sponsor for India last year, I wanted to pay it forward by committing myself to driving an inclusive culture, at every level.

Each year, we shape our I&D charter, keeping our mission-critical agenda at the core. We commit to creating a culture of equality where we engage, retain and grow our people. We embed inclusive behaviors in our everyday business, and we continue to spark authentic conversations.

We create a compassionate and respectful workspace so that everyone feels they belong. One of the ways we do that is with the help of our growing number of I&D advocates who are uniquely qualified to welcome open dialogues, so that our people feel empowered to speak up. They don’t just pick up the threads of uncomfortable conversations; they fast-track action when necessary.

Flexibility finds a home at work

Did you know our board is currently composed of 50% women leaders? In fact, we are on target to reach our goal of a gender-balanced workforce.

While that’s an important step forward, inclusion is about more than gender equality. Organizations need to adapt to the needs of its people, helping them find purpose and joy in their work. And flexible working arrangements is one way to improve quality of life—both at home and at work.  

We start by changing perceptions, busting the “flexibility” stigma, and nurturing everyone to grow roots within the organization, no matter their circumstance.

And we take actions to walk the talk.

For example, we recently worked with Kamini Rai, a senior finance consulting practitioner who wanted to shift from a high-pressure, travel-intensive job to a more flexible role that was aligned to family priorities. Very willingly, we moved her to a role where her rich industry experience was aptly leveraged. The move turned out to be mutually beneficial; her talents were recognized and she was promptly promoted.

I’m a firm believer that diversity drives innovation and growth, but it only works only when there is a culture of belonging for all people. I dedicate a lot of time to ensure that a culture of inclusion is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our Accenture family.

Bring your whole self to work

Encouraging people to bring their whole self to work is a personal passion of mine. We want our people to do more of what makes them happy, outside of work. Whether that’s being an acclaimed theater artist like Avinash Chopra or a flautist turned YouTube sensation like Jaikishan—and everything in between—we want our talented people to feel inspired by their passions outside of work, and to find and pursue joy, meaning and purpose in life.

We take all kinds of steps, big and small, to make everyone feel valued. We encourage everyone to lead and find ways to be an ally, from eliminating unconscious bias to incentivizing referrals to ensuring job descriptions are fair and balanced.

We each do our part to nurture and safeguard the culture we’ve built.

The world of work is ever changing.  As are we.

Purpose-driven work is not only what our people desire; it’s how we drive value for our clients. But an inclusive mindset and diversity of perspectives is the real engine that powers exponential growth.

Join us and become part of a culture that champions inclusion. 

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          WRITTEN BY

          Manish Gupta

          Managing Director & Lead – Products, Accenture in India