In today’s world, change is constant. The pandemic shifted consumer needs and expectations. There’s a growing emphasis on technology transformation, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. And now, supply chain bottlenecks and military confrontation are helping to stoke inflation. Rarely has a range of global challenges disrupted business so much.

It’s no longer enough to prepare for change. Now business leaders need to stay ahead of change.


As Accenture’s global head of research, I see first-hand how important it is to be ready to act and be aware of “why” you’re acting. Insights gleaned from rigorous research—brought to life through compelling storytelling and data visualization—are essential.

Accenture’s team of 300 researchers and analysts, spread across the globe in 20 countries, publishes a broad range of reports, articles, and points of view annually. Our thought-provoking trends research—supported by proprietary data and partnerships with leading organizations such as MIT and Harvard Business School—guides our innovations and allows us to transform theories and fresh ideas into tangible, real-world solutions for our clients.

A new way to get insights

But people need help finding the insights they want, when and where they want them. Now, our research-backed thought leadership is available in one place: Accenture Foresight mobile app. It is curated carefully based on our analysis of how business leaders want to access and consume content. No one size fits all. Indeed, most people want the latest research at the touch of their fingers. And they want the freshest data, backed up by examples of success stories in their industry.

But we also know that people have different ways of learning. Increasingly, business leaders expect actionable content to be available in a variety of formats. Some prefer deep research; others want brief extracts. Some expect the numbers and charts as an entry point. Others learn more by hearing business leaders discuss hot topics on a podcast or watching a video. Instead of reading an in-depth report ahead of a client meeting, they want the flexibility to listen to it thanks to AI voice technology. And, of course, they expect their feed to be personalized to their industry and topic interests, instead of searching for content.

All this helps decision-makers embrace change. With foresight, they are better prepared for that next partner presentation, better placed to build a business case to tackle the latest trend, and better positioned to enter adjacent markets.

Today’s hot topics at your fingertips

We know from early data on the content consumption on our new mobile app that the most popular subjects are technology transformation, data, AI, change management and the metaverse. But consumers of research need to know that, as their interests change over time, so does their content feed.

Change may be a constant but with the help of our Foresight app, Accenture is helping people stay ahead of it and learn the way that best suits them.

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Francis Hintermann

Executive Director – Accenture Research

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