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The future of AI

The future of Artificial Intelligence

The potential of artificial intelligence extends far beyond helping a given business run faster or more efficiently.

Accenture sees artificial Intelligence as nothing short of a catalyst poised to kick-start a sluggish global economy. Our research shows that by 2035, AI could double annual growth rates in 12 developed countries by changing the nature of work and creating a new relationship between man and machine.

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Unlocking the AI opportunity
for business

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Transform the relationship between people and machines
AI will improve how we live and work as individuals and a society. People will be able to spend more time on creative work: focusing on the 20% of non-routine tasks that drive 80% of value creation.


Reimagine business models
AI technologies will reinvent end-to-end processes, removing not only time and distance factors but also human limitations. This “intelligent automation of process change” will empower processes to improve themselves.


Unlock the trapped value of data
Advanced and integrated analytics will continually run on an organization’s large data sets. They will update algorithms with transactional data to evolve faster, and combine data in fresh ways to discover trends and deliver new insights.

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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

IA allows for the execution of both manual and digital back-end processes to eliminate repetitive tasks and liberate your workforce.

Intelligent Automation can support humans by improving complex problem solving, risk analysis and business decision-making.

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Cognitive Robotics

Cognitive Robotics endows robots with artificial intelligence, providing them with perception, planning, memory and reasoning.

This is the application of artificial intelligence most concerned with mimicking human behavior and is particularly relevant to the customer service, retail and hospitality industries.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence technology that provides systems with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Integrated analytics provide a basis on which data sets can be harnessed by machine learning algorithms to adapt and improve their performance.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows organizations to deploy intelligent software systems or “robots” that mimic the actions of human users.

These intelligent systems learn existing applications for processing transactions, manipulating data and communicating with other expert systems.

Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation
Biometric Face Testing

Biometric Face Testing

Biometrics is an artificial intelligence application that gives intelligent systems the ability to gather data on facial features and demographics.

These can allow intelligent machines to tailor their responses by analyzing different identities and emotional responses.

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Biometric Face Testing