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Eco Action

Sustainability Innovation Challenge 2023

How Accenture employees are tackling some of the world’s greatest social & environmental issues

Future of nature and biodiversity A platform to continuously monitor mangrove carbon sequestration through remote sensing, using AI to better predict future sequestration. Designed for enterprises, conservation organizations and local communities to increase the survival rate of certain sub-species.

Future of sustainable systems and industries

SAMMA: A tool for organizations in equipment asset intensive industries to receive a Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats (SWOT) analysis for their assets and a clear, prioritized plan to improve their sustainable asset management.

Future of equity and human wellbeing

Personalized pain therapy app: A mobile app offering a unique combination of psychological pain management techniques (color-, music-, light-, relaxation-therapy, hypnosis) to provide neurolinguistic re-programming to relieve pain at an affordable cost and increase equitable access to this form of care.

Eco volunteering

Making climate-smart choices

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