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UNGC – Accenture Strategy CEO Study on Sustainability (2019)

września 24, 2019


In brief

The decade to deliver

The decade to deliver: A call to business action


70% of CEOs believed the Global Goals would provide a clear framework to structure sustainability efforts.


48% of CEOs are implementing sustainability into their operations.

Time for a reality check

The Global Goals are not just a nice thing to do—they are a path to a prosperous world.

— ALAN JOPE, CEO, Unilever

Beyond incrementalism

Three calls to action

Raise ambition and impact

Leaders must drive change in their own organizations, and through the disruption of market systems.

Change collaboration

Key players must connect in new ways because meaningful transformation is not a solo sport.

Redefine responsible leadership

Leaders must embrace their role as change agents to champion the sustainability agenda.

Global Sustainability Services Lead & Chief Responsibility Officer

Peter advises leaders of Fortune 500 companies on strategies related to growth, technology, innovation and sustainability.

Jessica Long


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