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Build for the cloud: Five steps to modern enterprise networks

stycznia 6, 2022


In brief

Is your enterprise network infrastructure modernized?

Why upgrading your enterprise network infrastructure should be a priority

Rapid, agile innovation enabled by cloud adoption.

Application-to-application connectivity across many cloud services and data centers.

Machine-to-machine communication, as from edge devices and Internet of Things sensors.

Growing integration of data analytics into day-to-day working life.

Security for both inbound and outbound connections.

Rapid, radical changes in how we work, including a permanent increase in remote employees.

How enterprise networks can boost Cloud Continuum experience

Five steps to a modern enterprise network

Having your network in “perpetual catchup” mode not only stifles innovation, it also leads to security holes and spiraling costs.

Take your enterprise network from tech debt to tech wealth

How does your enterprise network measure up?

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Jefferson Wang

Senior Managing Director – Global Technology Convergence Lead

Jefferson helps clients shape, build and run modern networks. He is the lead author of the best-selling book “The Future Home in the 5G Era”.

Edward Wood

Managing Director – Growth and Strategy Lead, 5G and Networks Practice

Ed is an advisor and industry subject expert in digital enterprise transformation through software defined networking, cybersecurity, cloud and edge.