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Ever-ready IT infrastructure

grudnia 21, 2021


In brief

How to modernize your infrastructure and cut costs


Introduce automation to increase quality, reduce costs and build the foundation for a multi-speed operating model that supports a hybrid landscape.


Free-up funding, people to focus on full-stack innovation. Continually re-engineer infrastructure to align with strategic business goals.


Continue re-engineering the infrastructure landscape while introducing new Cloud Continuum capabilities to accelerate value and unlock innovation.

Why is IT infrastructure important?

Key considerations in addressing IT infrastructure

Take the first step towards cost-saving transformation

Migrating your people to the cloud


Redefine the operating model for cloud: enabling collaboration between IT and business, engineering and operations and human and machine intelligence.


Reskill infrastructure talent in cloud across multiple disciplines—from XaaS to continuous integration and development.


Support infrastructure workers to embrace new ways of working by setting clear expectations, adjusting performance metrics, and creating incentives.

What’s needed now is an infrastructure focused on continuous innovation, automation and optimization that enhances companies’ competitive advantage.

Find the right landing zone in a new hybrid/multi-cloud world

Building a network to meet your Continuum needs

Creating a workplace to thrive in the Continuum

Harmonizing the IT estate across the Continuum

Build ever-ready infrastructure for today—and get ready to unleash your competitiveness tomorrow



Creating a modern digital workplace

How the Cloud Continuum is changing the enterprise workplace—and how to respond.



5 steps to building a modern network

Learn why now is a good time to rearchitect enterprise networks and how to succeed.



Unlocking innovation in hybrid cloud environments

Public cloud once seemed like the perfect solution. But as cloud continues to evolve, more companies are turning to a hybrid cloud approach. 

Philippe Chauffard

Senior Managing Director – Infrastructure Engineering, Cloud First, Global Lead

Philippe has extensive cloud and infrastructure experience, ranging from strategy to transformation, migration and operations.

Yaarit Silverstone

Senior Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Global Strategy Lead & North America Lead

Yaarit partners with CEOs and the entire C-suite to enable transformation and deliver sustainable capabilities and growth.

Ricky Santos

Global Lead, Technology Portfolio Delivery Management

Ricky has extensive experience across IT infrastructure including cloud services, operations, network, global compliance monitoring and risk management.