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Lessons in resilience from an essential retailer

Real client work by Chris Karney and his team reveals how AI-enabled forecasting helps a retailer beat uncertainty.


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Hand-picked posts on the hottest business and tech topics from our leading practitioners.

How the Presidio Principles will accelerate blockchain

David Treat explains how WEF’s Presidio Principles accelerate blockchain and aim to preserve participant rights.

Data 2020: 3 big trends powering the data agenda

Three in five companies have a chief data officer in their leadership teams. Does this mean that data strategy is as essential as the business strategy?

5 search & unstructured data analytics trends

Nearly 80% of data in any given enterprise is unstructured — résumés, emails, videos, etc. Recent tech developments can finally put that data to work.

Where does B2B event marketing go from here?

With conferences canceled indefinitely, B2B brands are left without one of their most effective pipeline-building opportunities. What next?

Talking point

Some think that researchers spend their lives looking at the data, disconnected from our subjects. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Kelly Monahan

Talent Research Lead Senior Principal, Accenture Research

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From immersive technologies in travel to how AI is changing the nature of finance, our bloggers are writing about the latest industry trends.

Utilities reposition with purpose at the core

In a time when the world is pressing pause, utilities are providing an essential social service that largely goes unnoticed — and that’s a strength.

7 ways covid-19 is accelerating trends in higher ed

At the start of 2020, higher education institutions were bracing for a challenging decade. Then came the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Break the silence, accelerate equality

Meet Rudy and Lily. They share their journeys of self-discovery and acceptance, and explain why it’s so important to break the silence.

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