During CES 2020, we uncovered how the convergence of industries and technologies can unlock new growth opportunities.

  • New Value Propositions: How shifting customer expectations, economic and regulatory environments, and emerging technologies are compelling industries to reimagine customer value propositions.
  • New Relationships: How industries, ecosystem partners and end-to-end technologies are forging powerful new relationships to be stronger together.
  • New Operating Models: How companies are rethinking how to design, engineer, operate, supply and service things with data-led decisions.

If you missed any of our CES 2020 action please feel free to visit ourAccenture at CES 2020 playlist or view a selection of our highlights below.

Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109 

Highlights from #CES 2020

Brian Irwin | Welcome note to CES 2020

Juergen Reers | Trip location data—opportunities and value

Stories to watch

5G is the future of home and work

At CES we discuss how traditional home and work will soon be replaced by the general consumer mindset of “home and work are everywhere”.


The future of mobility and profitability

Autonomous driving is at a crucial turning point. The fundamental question has shifted from “How fast can we do it?” to “How can we get there”.

Responsible business with consumers’ emotional data

Consumers now emit more ’emotional data’ than ever. This presents corporations with a deeper set of challenges that require responsible actions.

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Accenture on stage

Learn about the latest technologies disrupting the Automotive industry and what companies can do to succeed in today’s new mobility age.

Mary Hamilton, Accenture Labs
Americas Lead
| January 6 | 11:30 – 12:30 | ARIA, Level 3, Juniper 1

Transforming Contextual Advertising and Media

Media and the information they deliver are increasingly contextual, whilst personalization keeps plowing ahead.

Raffaella Camera, Global Head of Innovation & Market Strategy, XR Accenture | January 6 | 2:15 – 3:15 | ARIA, Level 3, Juniper 4

The Immersive Media Leadership Think Tank: AR/VR/XR

The Immersive Experience expands as the boundaries of the technology platforms grow. Learn how the future is being invented in front of our eyes.

Juergen Reers, Managing Director, Mobility X.0 Lead Accenture | January 7 | 10:00-10:15 | Here Technologies Booth

Generating precise trip data from in-vehicle devices

Learn how TO use location data and technology to generate precise trip information and post-drive analyses.

Adelina Cooke, Manager
Government Relations
| January 8 | 13:00–14:00 | LVCC, North Hall, N256

The Global Race for Leadership in AI

Panelists will discuss how the pursuit of economic, government, and ethical leadership in AI is shaping both technology and global politics.

Vincent Ball, Managing Director | January 8 | 13:45–14:15 | LVCC, North Hall, N253

IoT at the Edge of Retail

Now that everything has an IP address everything is shopping capable. Here are some of the most interesting "things" in the world of shopping.

Brian Irwin, Managing Director, NA Mobility Industry Lead, Accenture | January 9 | 10:30-11:00 | Dassault Booth

Mobility Trends: Disruption in the automotive industry

Learn what steps automotive OEMs should take to remain successful in a sustainable manner in today’s new mobility age.

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