In brief

In brief

  • We surveyed 300 airline and hotel industry senior executives across functions.
  • They acknowledge the need to move applications to the cloud to improve. Yet only 30% of travel companies are implementing cloud at scale today.
  • We explored how these cloud scalers positioned their companies for the future.
  • Travel executives can learn from cloud scalers in other industries. Now is the time to make three fundamental mindset shifts for future success.

Travel industry growth: First think, then act

The cloud scalers say success depends on a strategy that creates a solid foundation for change:

1. Think about the role of IT

The CIO should do more than oversee the technology. With a seat at the table, the CIO can drive future growth.

2. Think new ways of working

Think about how your current systems are working—or not working. Imagine skilled employees who support highly configurable and adaptable systems.

3. Think success beyond the change

Travel companies can develop a transformation plan that mitigates data security and privacy challenges.

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A roadmap to the cloud in travel

With these mindset shifts that we explore in detail along with the barriers for travel companies to move to cloud in our “Right Cloud Mindset in Travel” report, travel companies are prepared to embark on a three-part cloud journey. It begins with getting your workloads to the cloud rapidly, securely and with confidence. The next step is to restructure architectures, applications and data for cloud. Now, you are ready to take full advantage of cloud technologies to grow and innovate at scale and speed, developing new services and revenue streams. Learn more about the case for cloud now.

1. Migrate

Get your workloads to the cloud rapidly, securely and with confidence by selecting the right infrastructure for your business needs.

2. Accelerate

Ramp up your organizational speed and agility by re-structuring architectures, applications and data for cloud.

3. Grow & Innovate

Use cloud at scale as a digital transformation lever to create greater differentiation and competitveness in your industry.

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Travel cloud innovation solves hospitality challenges

Our survey reveals the key changes and investments companies plan to make within the next two years, to meet customer expectations and remain competitive.

What’s top of mind for airline executives?

Updating systems within the next two years to enable real-time data and analytics is a priority, according to a survey of executives in six key areas.

Jonathan Sullivan

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Travel

Harish Ranganath

Managing Director – Accenture Technology Lead

Anshul Gupta

Associate Director – Accenture Technology


Catherine Rodriguez

Research Lead – Global Travel Industry

Sankar Subramaniam

Associate Manager – Global Travel Industry Research


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How travel companies can boost revenue with cloud

Get the essentials

Travel companies that become cloud scalers will be the best prepared to serve the new traveler, interact with the ecosystem in exciting new ways, and compete in tomorrow’s dynamic travel landscape. It all starts with the right cloud mindset.

The big read

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Right cloud mindset in travel | Report

Recent Accenture research reveals the mindset shifts that travel companies can make to follow the success of the cloud scalers.


Short on time

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Fast track to right cloud mindset | Infographic

Get a quick view of our travel cloud research with the steps you can take to make three important mindset shifts.

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