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Case Study

Knowing, improving, rewarding

Generali Vitality’s success formula meets an innovative cloud solution.

Call for change

Turning to a new future-ready digital infrastructure

"With cloud you get a “Lego bricks” style approach that combines cloud services with custom software components to create high quality solutions in a very short amount of time."

— NILS MÜLLER-SHEFFER, Managing Director – Accenture

When tech meets human ingenuity

Creative, custom, cloud collaboration

"We now have a platform that enables us to be much faster, more flexible, and constantly evolve the product. We are more relevant to our members creating true impact for their health and wellbeing."

— Tamara Pagel UX and Marketing, Generali Vitality

Generali Vitality rewards experience

A fully cloud-native development

to address scalability, development speed and low operations overhead in production using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A custom-built responsive web application

that can be displayed on variety of screen sizes and serve as extension points to the programs accompanying native app.

An event-driven microservice architecture

that can scale and enable modular releases and fast paced change based on Spring Boot, Containerization and AWS Lambda.

A DevOps and automation approach

that follows the “you build it, you run it” philosophy and drives automation across the whole software development lifecycle.

A valuable difference

Achieving a more sustainable, healthier world

"We have successfully launched in multiple European markets and our user base is constantly growing. Part of this journey has been enabled by smart use of cloud native technology and Accenture’s outstanding software engineering capabilities."

— Simon Guest, CEO – Generali Vitality

Meet the team

Nils Müller-Sheffer

Application Engineering Lead – Europe Market

Thomas Mueller

Managing Director – Fjord, part of Accenture Song

Jörg Weissleder

Lead Business Analyst / Project Manager, Germany

Jens Eickmeyer

Lead – Fullstack Engineering, DACH

Rex D. Cortez

DevOps Senior Manager, Philippines
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