ALIP University—Advanced Product Configuration

Gain a deeper understanding of how a product line is configured within the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP) with these courses.

About the courses

Four advanced courses are available including, three product lines of business and a deep dive session on miscellaneous topics applicable to all lines of business. Note: Completion of the introductory Product Configuration course is a prerequisite.

Traditional Life Products (Term and Whole Life)

  • Covering the major components required to configure Term or Whole Life products.
  • Subjects: product introduction, attributes, dividend options, premiums, benefits, dividends, lapsation, reinstatement, customizable error messages, nonforfeiture (NFO), transactions.
  • Two-day course.

Non-Traditional Life Products

  • Covering the major components required to configure Universal Life (Fixed, Variable and EI) and Fixed Premium UL (Fixed, Variable and EI) products.
  • Subjects: product introduction, attributes, benefits, annual/periodic charges, loans, surrender/transaction charges, interest rates, equity index adjustments, premiums and more.
  • Two-day course.

Annuity Products (Deferred and Immediate)

  • Covering the major components required to configure Deferred and Immediate Annuity products.
  • Subjects: product introduction, attributes, annuity payment options, liquidity and COLA adjustments, annuity death benefits, annual and periodic charges, surrender and transaction charges, interest rates and more.
  • Two-day course.

Deep Dive on Miscellaneous Topics

  • This course covers a set of miscellaneous topics that are part of product configuration but not necessarily specific to one product line. The session is paired with your selected product line course and covers: Fund Management, Accounting, Product Testing Workbench, Data Elements and XML Binding, Systems Tables.
  • One-day course.

Course structure

  • A classroom setting limited to 12 participants.
  • A PowerPoint is used for training with 8-10 subjects per topic.
  • Each subject includes: an introduction, interactive instruction, hands-on activities, conclusion, instructor checkpoint, final test.
  • Training lasts six hours per day plus extra time for breaks/lunch.

Intended audience

  • For resources who desire a deeper understanding of how a product line is configured after taking the Product Configuration course – completion of this introductory course is a prerequisite.
  • Participants are typically actuaries or technical business analysts responsible for setting up life and annuity products in ALIP.

Cost and logistics

  • Training is customized to your needs. We’ll discuss your cost structure with you once you’ve begun your registration process.
  • To ensure quality and individual attention, courses are limited to 12 participants, with a minimum of four required.
  • A course cannot be audited by customer’s management.
  • Note: Participants must bring their own laptop.

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