As customer expectations continue to change, insurers must reimagine the role of claims. This requires an end-to-end design thinking approach, embracing digital and collaborating with innovative InsurTech startups.

Customers expect more efficiency and transparency with claims, and they expect to have several channels for submitting and settling claims. Insurers can use automation, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to transform the claims process and identify trends and potential problems.

InsurTech and disruptive technologies are rising to the opportunity to improve claims. Carriers and startups can form mutually beneficial partnerships—startups benefit from insurers’ experience, and insurers benefit from startups’ innovation and flexibility—to integrate more services into the claims function.

Watch the video series below to learn more about the future opportunities of claims in insurance.

Insurance claims in the age of the consumer

Darcy Dague, Managing Director, Financial Services

Next generation insurance claims outcomes

Matt Lehman, Managing Director, Financial Services

How will InsurTech Influence Insurance Claims

Darcy Dague, Managing Director, Financial Services

Darcy Dague

Managing Director – Accenture Insurance


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