Provide self-service with simplicity

Give your policyholders and agents real-time information and self-servicing capabilities that today’s digital lifestyles demand.

Whether you’re already using the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP) or considering a platform modernization, ALIP Portal extends your digital strategy. With its device-agnostic technology and modern user interface, agents and policyholders can access information 24/7 and conduct business with easy-to-use self-servicing capabilities. You’ll deliver a consistent user experience across distribution channels, products and devices.

ALIP Portal: decreasing service costs, increasing business and driving customer loyalty.

Out-of-the-box self-service for life insurance and annuity carriers

From channel management to customer relationship management, ALIP Portal is integral to a successful digital insurance strategy.

  • Meet rising customer expectations cost-effectively
    Put your customers in the driver’s seat with the ability to update information anytime, anywhere, on any device—all while optimizing call center capacity and reducing costs.
  • Attract new business and build a loyal client base
    Deliver digital capabilities that engage consumers and deliver insights to help agents connect with them on a deeper level.
  • Launch your portal today!
    Leverage a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution with ACORD-based interfaces and a sophisticated integration workbench.
  • Integrate one portal for all your policies
    Give agents and policyholders a 360-degree view of their policies from a single portal—regardless of the platform on which the policy resides.
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